Baseball Mom Sewing

When I'm not at the ballpark, you might find me at the sewing machine.

The first little blurb

on June 18, 2013

About a year ago, I began quilting…or at least obsessively thinking about quilting and actually doing some sewing once in awhile.  My first two finished quilts were donated to our church’s preschool graduates.  I’m looking forward to continuing that next year.  I’m also looking forward to actually finishing my “first” quilt – the top I finished before putting it aside to work on the preschool quilts.  Unfortunately it seems my machine is overdue for some maintenance – no matter what I change on the tension, thread length or re-threading, my bobbin thread keeps coming to the surface.  Boo.

Tonight, I was lucky enough not to have anyone going to practice or rushing to a game.  Instead, I finally made it to the Y for a little exercise.  But,  when I came home, it wasn’t enough for the guys to flip between two baseball games on tv – we all headed outside for some backyard wiffle ball and a game of catch.  Pretty sure the 6 year old is going to have a better arm than mom pretty soon. 🙂


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